Pan-London Academic Anaesthesia Training Advisory Group (PLAATAG)

PLAATAG is an advisory group to the London Academy of Anaesthesia which seeks to co-ordinate, develop and enhance training in Academic Anaesthesia in the London Schools of Anaesthesia. In particular it aims to make best use of existing training resources, encourage co-operation between schools and units and advise on the development of additional training resources

Key Achievements


Professor Martin Smith
Chair, UCL ACF Programme Director

Dr Gareth Ackland
Senior Lecturer, UCL

Dr Peter Brodrick
Head of the London Academy of Anaesthesia

Dr Anthony Gordon
Senior Lecturer, Imperial

Dr Phil Hopkins
Consultant, King’s College Hospital

Dr Martin Kuper
Consultant, Whittington Hospital

Dr Nandor Marczin
Imperial ACF Programme Director

Dr Daniel Martin
Senior Lecture, Royal Free Hospital

Dr Ramani Moonesinghe
Academic Training Programme Director

Dr Rupert Pearse
Senior Lecturer, QMUL, Consultant Barts Health

Dr Masao Takata
Imperial, Head of Academic Anaesthesia

Dr Suellen Walker
Institute of Child Health, UCL

Dr Peter Odor
Trainee representative

Dr Harriet Kemp
ACF trainee representative

Simon Rose
Shared Services Senior Operations Manager

Richard Sams
Shared Service Academic Training

Nadine Engineer
Shared Services Academic Lead

Sara Couchman
Shared Services Operations Officer

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