Nitrous Oxide Manifold and Other Reduction of Emissions - Green Anaesthesia Survey

NO more gas poster

We are delighted to announce that our next project, aiming to begin on 15 May 2023, is NO MORE GAS: Nitrous Oxide Manifold and Other Reduction of Emissions - Green Anaesthesia Survey.

What is this project about?

Nitrous oxide is of particular concern due to its high global warming potential (GWP), longevity (over 100 years) and the direct destructive effect it has on the Ozone layer. Nitrous oxide reduction is therefore central to the ambitious NHS net-zero plan. This timely project aims to survey clinicians on this subject, quantify the amount of nitrous oxide held at project sites and determine the volume of nitrous oxide required to meet current demand.

Tell us you are interested!

Register your interest now if you would like to be part of a large scale multi-centre project backed by an established trainee research network! Our aim is to produce the largest dataset on current practise in relation to nitrous oxide. In doing so, we hope to play a vital role in reducing the carbon footprint of the NHS.

The official data collection period is 15 May to 9 June 2023 which is soon approaching, so if you are still interested to get involved, please express your interest by emailing us at

Follow our twitter account for live updates about the project @PeriopResearch

Project Leads

Dr Megan Thomas
Dr Chris Ward

PLAN Project Development Group

Dr Tom Davies
Dr Mitul Patel
Dr Matthew Sinnott
Dr Sarah Tian
Dr Jan Man Wong
Dr Joanna Wong

Supervising Consultants

Dr Sibtain Anwar
Professor Gudrun Kunst

Study documents

Click here for Dropbox to study documents

In alphabetical order of region and hospital

North Central London

Barnet and Chase Farm

Alice Yearwood
Snehal Kale
Aditya Gadepalli

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Chris Graham

Royal Free Hospital

Katherine James
Tim Owen
Alan Greenstein
Jessica Allen

Royal National ENT

Suraj Shah

University College London Hospital

Sandy Gibson
Sangita Kindred
Suraj Shah

North East London

Homerton Hospital

Daisy Riddle

Moorfields Eye Hospital

Kim Rhodes

Newham Hospital

Rachael Tomlin

Queen's Hospital (BHRUT)

Eleanor Silk
Somalia Mukherjee
Anupama Lanka
David Braude
Harriet Dawe

Royal London Hospital

Thulazi Santhakumar

St Bartholomew's Hospital

Mickey Chong

Whipps Cross Hospital

Joe Harris

North West London

Hammersmith Hospital

Rohit Rohit

Hillingdon Hospital

Mohammed Rageh
Emily Powell
Michael Olivier
Shriyam Patel

Northwick Park and Central Middlesex

Sowmia Mammen
Bhavya Vakil
Oliver Thompson
Tooba Nawaz
Maja Kovac
Indeewarie Wijesinghe
Anesh Patel

Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital

Mrida Jhingan

Royal Marsden

Maria Henriksson

St Mary's Hospital

Lorna Starsmore

West Middlesex Hospital

Olivia Morley
Christopher Desouza

South East London

Guy's and St Thomas'

Charlotte Smith
Liana Zucco
Winston Ng

King's College Hospital

Arif Ahmed
Paul Morillon
Jen Berg
Thilini Wickramasuriya
Sophie Bloomfield
Chloe Hall
Felicity Gallop

Princess Royal University Hospital

Jen Van Ross
Natalie Shields

Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Woolwich)

Cameron Macleod
Hamish Baillie

Queen Victoria Hospital (East Grinstead)

Alex Feben
Richard Stead

South West London

Ashford & St Peter's Hospital

Maria Khan
Poonam Jani
Konye Ochonogor

Croydon University Hospital

Sonali Mohite

Frimley Park Hospital

Bhavna Bhalla
Alice Cassels-Barker
Nicholas Maskell

Kingston Hospital

Duncan Baily

St George's Hospital

Thomas Hall

St Helier Hospital

Matthew Titterington

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