PLAN is a trainee collaborative group which aims to deliver high quality large scale quality improvement and research across London. PLAN was founded out of a longstanding successful academic partnership between academic health sciences centres in London and the London Academy of Anaesthesia (Pan London Academic Anaesthesia Training Advisory Group)

Core Values

  • PLAN aims to produce high quality, trainee-led audit, quality improvement and research projects in perioperative, critical care and pain medicine across London.
  • We aim to engage trainees in all parts of the management and implementation of the projects.
  • We aim to collaborate with other regional networks in order to produce nationwide audit and research.
  • We aim to adhere to all aspects of Good Clinical Practice in our design, methodology, data collection and in the dissemination of our results.
  • We aim to publish our projects with every member gaining authorship recognition.

PLAN Governance Charter

For more detail on our working methods, values and authorship policies please read our governance charter:
 PLAN Governance Charter - 1.10.pdf (273 KB)

Hospital Locations