15th Feb 2017

PATRN Project: Unplanned paediatric admissions after daycase surgery


The Paediatric Anaesthesia Trainee Research Network (PATRN) is supported by the Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists (APA).

The current project is looking at unplanned admissions after paediatric daycase surgery. There is very little current data available in the literature regarding this topic and certainly no national paediatric figures against which centres can compare themselves. The project is designed in two halves - an initial retrospective review of annual figures, followed by prospective data collection over a period of time that will be informed by the retrospective numbers.

The first stage of the project involves finding only 2 pieces of data for the 2016 calendar year at each hospital: number of paediatric daycase surgeries & number of unplanned admissions.

To find out more information see the documents below:

 Letter to PATRN reps.pdf (104 KB)
 Unplanned admissions retrospective.docx (152 KB)

Please note that the data collection period has been extended beyond the original publicised date

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