16th Oct 2017

PLAN Autumn 2017 Newsletter

PLAN Newsletter Autumn 2017

Newsletter No. 5

Find out about our recent PLAN Annual General Meetings, upcoming projects and how you can get involved!

- Our new project evaluating maternity information on anaesthesia (QUAIL) to start in late November 2017
- New project on bariatric surgery airway management selected by audience vote at the PLAN Annual General Meeting in September 2017
- ALPINE study on post-op pulmonary complications following emergency laparotomy surgery and iOPS study of intra-op FiO2 submitted for publication
- The DREAMY study, investigating accidental awareness under general anaesthesia, has recruited over 800 patients and continues nationwide
- New chair and vice chair appointed: Kate Grailey (Bart’s) & Clare Morkane (North Central), replacing Peter Odor (St. George’s) & Helen Laycock (Imperial)

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