23rd Oct 2022

NO MORE GAS selected as the next PLAN project!


Congratulations to the NO MORE GAS team for being selected for the next PLAN project! The project was selected via pubic selection by trainees across London during the Annual Scientific Meeting held on 17 October 2022.

NO MORE GAS stands for "Nitrous Oxide Manifold and Other Reduction of Emissions - Green Anaesthesia Survey". Given that we are living in an era where global warming is at its peak and the irreversible threat to civilisation continues, NO MORE GAS is a timely and suitable project for PLAN to adopt. The NHS has produced a report “Delivering a Net-Zero National Health Service” which aims to be carbon zero on direct emissions by year 2040. It has been found that 2% of the NHS carbon footprint is anaesthetic gases. The NHS is targeting a 40% reduction in carbon footprint from anaesthetic gas use, by replacing desflurane with other alternatives, and stopping the use of nitrous oxide. These targets set by the NHS serve as ample rationale and justification to carry out this survey.

Moreover, guidelines published in Anaesthesia (2022) has recommended:
“If inhalational anaesthetics are used, providers should avoid those with disproportionately high climate impacts, such as desflurane and nitrous oxide”
“Most nitrous oxide is lost prior to use through central piping systems that should be decommissioned in existing infrastructure and avoided in new construction”

The aim of this survey is to:
1) Identify the scale of the problem by:
- identifying volume of gas held in manifold by individual trusts (number and size of manifold)
- identifying volume of gas purchased annually
- identifying presence of redundant manifolds
- evaluating if we are holding an excess of nitrous oxide in cylinder manifolds relative to current clinical usage of nitrous oxide

2) Evaluating current clinical practice for use of nitrous oxide by:
- conducting an activity survey
- conducting analysis of anaesthetic machine

Stay tuned for more information about this project!

Congratulations Dr Chris Ward and Dr Megan Thomas from King's College Hospital.

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