Perioperative Blood Management

Perioperative Blood Management (a RAFT project)

PLAN is adopting is a collaborative project between RAFT (Research & Audit Federation of Trainees) and BTRU (Blood Transfusion Research Unit), alongside all the other trainee research networks across the country! It aims to understand how local sites are set up to deliver and evaluate perioperative blood management services and assess individuals’ attitudes and practice. This is a topic of growing importance in light of current severe shortages of blood products and recent CPOC guidelines.

The project, launching in January 2023, involves two surveys:
1) An organisational survey: explores local hospital’s perioperative blood management practices
2) An individual anaesthetist survey: explores individual anaesthetists’ opinions and practice regarding perioperative blood management

This project is an excellent way for trainees to get involved in audit and QI, and to boost your CVs! As the site trainee lead, your roles include:
1) Registering the project with the audit/quality improvement department (registration with research department not required)
2) Completing the organisational survey (may take around 2 hours to complete)
3) Encouraging anaesthetists in your hospital to fill the individual anaesthetist survey

If interested in becoming the trainee lead for your hospital, please feel free to get in touch with us or your regional PLAN lead. Everyone who gets involved in this audit will receive a certificate of participation and will be listed as a collaborator for any publications that follow!

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