How are PLAN projects selected?

The principle aim of PLAN is to help you to develop your idea into a high-quality study, suitable for delivery across multiple centres. The project selection process is simple and we aim to provide constructive feedback for all submitted ideas. Once a year, we invite all trainees in London to submit ideas to the network. Ideas are initially submitted by completing a project proposal form. This is a template which can be downloaded here on our website and emailed to PLAN on when completed before the deadline. We ask submitting authors to consider the feasibility of their projects as multicenter endeavours and the potential for future impact.

 PLAN Project Proposal Form.doc (59 KB)

All submissions are anonymised and reviewed by the core-committee, which has representatives from each school of anaesthesia in London. Following an initial review, during which we may consult relevant experts to consider the proposal, we provide authors with feedback or suggestions for development.

If your project is shortlisted for selection, you will be invited to present your idea at our annual project selection event, held in association with HEE London.

This event is a fantastic opportunity to generate a discussion about your project and gain further feedback.

Following the presentations, voting by the audience present decides which project ideas will be developed and run as PLAN projects over the coming year. Ordinarily just one or two projects will be selected during each annual meeting.

See the flowchart below for more detail on the project selection process
 2023 PLAN project selection process.pdf (84 KB)

PLAN project selection committee shortlisting criteria
 2023 Shortlisting.pdf (73 KB)

Example voting card to be used at ASM
 2023 Scorecard.pdf (76 KB)

What to expect if your idea is adopted to the PLAN Network?

If your project is selected for adoption to the network, you will take on the role of Project Lead. You will be provided with the academic, operational and logistical expertise of the network and we will support the further development of your idea into a deliverable multi-centre study. We can help you manage web data entry portals to make multi-centre data collection easy and secure. Where appropriate, we will help you to apply for NIAA funding and if successful, we will aim to get your study adopted to the NIHR portfolio. As your project grows and enters the recruitment phase, our regional leads will enlist hospitals from across our current network of over 40 centres in London to participate in your study. In each hospital, we will appoint a local project lead who will assemble a team to oversee the project.

As project lead, you will remain the figurehead and key decision maker for your study. Our aim is to support your decision making with the expertise and institutional learning gained within the network. Once the data collection phase is complete, we can help you to prepare a manuscript for publication. Our aim is to guide and support you through every step of the process of designing, running and publishing a successful, trainee-led multi-centre study. In return we ask that you share and disseminate your learning and expertise with the rest of the network and help make future projects even more successful.

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